New works by Moonassi an artist frm Korea living in Seoul and Vienna ,

here a roughfly translated interview with Naimoka (find original version here)

Good morning Daehyun, can you introduce yourself in some words .

Iam Daehyun Kim , i live and work in Seoul in south Korea.i am working for lomography during my day time and for me during the night .On my free time i like to think, to draw and to write , but most of all i like doing nothing . 

Can you tell us more about your technique and your process in your drawings?

i am collecting ideas and feelings , days after days. then i sit in a front of this blank page , contemplating it until it becomes an idea,  which i try to draw.  That´s all there is no special technique . 

What inspire you ?

The worm , the deer eye, Tao and Emmanuel Levinas,  Rohmer and Hong Sang-soo, you and me, the stone and the wind, la the earth and the moon.

All your drawings are executed in black and white and represent the same two ( or more ) characters.Those drawings are to be found in the  book " Anonymous Drawings " which has been presented at the exhibition " i want to be like i wasn´t there .". Tell us more about those strange characters! Their faces have the lines of a wise Buddha but they look as well like kids fooling around. 

I like your interpretation , << Two (or more ) little boys wearing black, with Buddha faces are fooling around. >>I would like to find an effective way to draw my feelings and thoughts. I dont want to be this kind of artist who works a long time on the same idea , repeating himself . So i had decide a silhouette and minimized the color  as well as the medium .I thought that if i do so i will be able to concentrate more on my subject, with much more effectivity , 

i enjoy the lack of coulisses in your scenery it could happen anywhere, it seems to be universal.

in the asiatic imagery , the concept of emptiness  ( not like a coulisse but like aspace full of possibilities ) is very important , sometimes too important . That could be anything and nothing at the same time . In fact i always hated those vague interpretations from our old wise master at the university . I just realised that i still be on the very same point i wanted to escape. Anyway, i like this empty space as well.

What does Moonassi means, I have seen  moons in your drawings, is the moon an important element ?

by the korean and chinese signs ,Moona means there is no I,i found this name when i was young.  Moon , yes that could be but sometime it is represented by eyes.

Can you tell us about the animation you did for the exhibition. Was it your first one , will you do some more?

well this was not really an animation but a programm which randoms visuals with texts. I am sorry that you cant see it online , i am not thinking to do more but i thought this would fit perfectly match with the gallery .

Your drawings are serial , it is hard to imagine them separatly , is this serie finished ? when you are drawing today , are continuously using the same charactheres or do you plan something else?

i d like to know the end of this serial. they will only end when i will stop to have my ideas and stories . i d like to try something else for sure . let see where this gonna bring us .

On which kind of project do you work right now?

there is no project which i am precisely working on this days , maybe i have that project to have a project.

what is the most beautiful thing you ever saw?

An half moon.

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